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What is one easy way to support our students?


Complete your child's lunch form! You can do this on paper, or you can complete the application online at this website. QC is in district 28.


If you need help with the lunch form, you can call our school at 718-658-4016 or email our parent coordinator Mr. Erskine at and someone will assist you.

How does this help the school?

Queens Collegiate is a Title I school. This means that we receive money from government to serve low income students. The amount of money we receive from the Federal government directly depends on the number of students we have enrolled in free or reduced lunch programs

This also means that if parents/guardians just don't fill out the lunch form, then our school will NOT receive money from the Federal government, even though we depend on that money to educate our students.

Please! Help us support all of our students by completing your child's lunch form.

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