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Important Accounts

Our school uses these accounts on a regular basis. All students need to register for accounts in a timely manner or/and as requested by faculty.

  • You need a Gmail account from Queens Collegiate. You will use this account and NOT A PERSONAL email account to communicate with teachers, collaborate with other students, and join Google Classroom.

  • Your QC Gmail account will appear like this:

  • All members of the QC community have emails that end with

2: Stay tuned!

This space to be updated soon with pertinent information!

Many teachers at QC assign homework and tests on Castle Learning. The questions on this website help to prepare you for Regents exams and college-level work by:

  • familiarizing you with  academic language;

  • exposing you to different examples or new approaches to apply concepts you have learned in class;

  • helping you to practice decision-making with explanations of multiple-choice responses. Remember: repetition leads to reinforcement!

Our mathematics teachers help prepare you for Regents and college-level work with assignments on Delta Math. Ask your math teachers for the codes for their Delta Math classrooms.


After you have a QC Gmail account, you can join classes on Google Classroom with an invitation or code from a teacher. For the 2019-2020 school year, all teachers are currently using Google Classroom to organize course work.

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