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​Queens Collegiate is located in the old Jamaica High School building, a majestic architectural gem atop a stately hill in Jamaica, Queens. The school was founded in 2008 by former Principal Jaime Dubei in conjunction with the College Board. QC is home to approximately 700 students across seven grades.

JIM HARRELL, Principal


Jim Harrell served as Assistant Principal at Queens Collegiate from 2014 through 2021, becoming principal in August 2021.  Mr. Harrell has worked as a mathematics teacher and school leader in New York since 2001.  As a parent of two NYC public school students, Mr. Harrell is dedicated to providing every student opportunities to learn meaningfully, and to ensure that students are challenged to learn independently and interrogate the world they inherit.  We are committed to continuing and deepening the work Ms. Dubei started in our community.

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JAIME DUBEI, Founding Principal


Jaime Dubei was the founder of Queens Collegiate and served the school as principal from its creation in 2007 until 2021.  In college, Mrs. Dubei completed a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs.  After college, she discovered her true love of teaching when she taught middle school social studies in the South Bronx. This experience inspired her to pursue her dream of opening her own school.  Since its founding, Ms. Dubei has been committed to serving all students from the community, providing a college preparatory experience for every student.


At Queens Collegiate, we inspire a passion for continuous learning and achieving beyond the minimum. Our holistic approach to learning includes global understandings, a commitment to arts education, scientific education, technology, and strong communication skills. It is our responsibility as students and faculty to facilitate active learning, celebrate achievements, and grow from our mistakes; hence, we support each other through challenges. Partnerships with families, corporations, and community based organizations enrich our environment. We are agents of positive change in the world, and will purposefully seek out academic and personal behaviors that prepare us for success in college and beyond.


Below are the core principles that guide our faculty's work every day. These principles reflect the beliefs, commitments, and values our community holds dear.

Our teachers believe that every student can learn and must be provided with an education that meets his/her specific needs, without exception. Students dictate what and how we teach: we teach children, not curriculum. With this in mind, teachers provide individual, small group, cooperative group, and whole group class instruction in the content areas. Through intentional engagement and participation in school activities and events, teachers and students build meaningful relationships so that students succeed academically and socially.


The work of educating students is the responsibility of teachers and parents/guardians (the first teachers). Teachers liaise with students and families to monitor students’ progress and provide additional supports to ensure that students are successful in meeting their graduation and post-graduation goals.   


Our school is committed to developing teachers who improve their practice to meet students’ needs. We provide substantial, differentiated in-house professional development, as well as opportunities for PD outside of the regular school day. Observation cycles using the Danielson rubric are fair, transparent and representative of daily practice. Additionally, the administration works in a coaching capacity with teachers, providing informal, non-evaluative observations and feedback to ensure alignment of regular instruction with best practices. Teachers participate in planning meetings with other teachers to analyze student work, review information regarding classroom assessments, and plan for instruction. Teachers  also work in grade teams to determine interventions for students who are at risk of falling behind or who are performing below grade level.

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