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Advanced Placement (AP) courses and College Now

AP For All

Queens Collegiate offers Advanced Placement courses in a variety of disciplines. After two semesters of intensive study of a specific subject, students take the AP test. Upon passing the AP test, students receive 3 college credits, which may transfer to their chosen college.

AP courses are an excellent way for students to get a head start on their college education. AP students must be hard-working and self-disciplined. Current AP courses offered through Queens Collegiate include:

  AP Biology

         AP Computer Science         

AP US History

AP Calculus

AP English

AP World History


If you think AP courses are right for you, speak with your guidance counselor or the course instructor for more information. 

College Now

Queens Collegiate offers College Now to motivated students in their junior and senior years. The College Now program allows students to earn college credit for CUNY or SUNY schools in the domains of ELA (English Language Arts) and mathematics. 

Speak with Mr. Harrell (school principal) or with your guidance counselor for more information. You may also explore more about the College Now program by clicking here.

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