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English as a New Language

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What is ENL?

Whatis ENL?

English as a New Language (ENL) is an educational option for students in New York. In the past, ENL was called ESL (English as a Second Language). ENL helps students to learn and advance their English in all subjects. Our goal in ENL is for our students to be prepared for college-level reading and writing in English.

Do I need ENL?

Do I need ENL?

When you enter the New York public school system for the first time, an ENL Coordinator meets with you and your family to discuss the ways that you use English and other languages.


The Coordinator might ask you to take a special test. This test decides if you need an ENL program. Based on your needs, your school will decide if you should have a separate ENL class with an ENL teacher, a content class with an ENL teacher, or a mixture of these classes.


The school will use your proficiency level in ENL to decide your schedule. There are 5 levels of ENL. Ask your ENL teacher what your level is. 

What does "ELL" mean?

What does ELL mean?

ELL means English Language Learner. An ELL is a student who receives support from an ENL teacher. ELL status is decided by the State of New York every year. By law, ELL students need to be in class with a teacher who has ENL certification. This teacher might be your English teacher, your history teacher, or your math teacher... or you might have a separate ENL teacher.

I don't want to be an ELL. How can I stop being an ELL?

ELL exit criteria

ELL status is an official student status. The State of New York decides if a student is in ELL status. There are two ways to leave ELL status:

1. Test at "commanding" level on the NYSESLAT

If you are in ELL status, you will take a test every year in May called the NYSESLAT. The NYSESLAT shows your growth in English. If you score at level 5 ("commanding"), you can leave ELL status.

2. Test at "expanding" level on the NYSESLAT and pass the ELA Regents exam in the same academic year

If you test at level 4 ("expanding") in May and pass the ELA Regents exam in January, June, or August of the same year, you can leave ELL status. Both scores must be from the same academic year.

What are the positives of my ENL program?

ENL benefits

There are many benefits of having an ENL program:

1. Extra support in the classroom

Students will ENL programs receive extra help from an ENL teacher in the classroom. ENL teachers work with content teachers to find the best way for ENL students to learn the information and advance their English at the same time.

2. Extra time on State exams

ELL-status students receive "time and a half" on State exams. These exams include the Regents exams. (Students in the State of New York must pass many Regents exams to graduate from high school.)

Regents exams are usually 3-hour tests. ELL students have 4.5 hours (four hours, 30 minutes) to complete this exam.


Note: The SAT is not a State exam, so ELL students do not receive extra time for this test. 

3. Home language materials on State exams

ELL students might receive word-to-word dictionaries or special glossaries for the Regents exams. These materials help ELLs to understand or to explain themselves in English. For some students, tests might be offered in the home language. For example, the State of New York makes many Regents exams in Spanish.


Note: Currently, no Regents exams are offered in the Bengali language by the State of New York. 


4. Extra support after school or before school

Many schools, including QC, offer additional programs before and after school to help ELLs. In the after-school program, students receive support in mathematics, living environment, global studies, chemistry, and ELA. Some extra support is offered on Saturday too.

5. Special events and field trips

Throughout the year, the ENL team at QC plans events for ELL students. These events include parties, movie nights, potluck meals, and other celebrations.


We also encourage our ENL students to attend as many field trips as possible. During these field trips, we welcome students to surround themselves with English, make stronger friendships with other students, observe the New York way of life, and gain experience in the world.

Previous QC ENL field trips:

The Cloisters

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Central Park

Bronx Zoo

The Museum of Natural History

Rockefeller Center

New York Public Library

Bryant Park Winter Carnival

Times Square

National Museum of the American Indian

Wall Street

Special Events and Trips
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