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You can keep track of your student's academic progress by monitoring their grades. An easy way to monitor grades is to sign up for PupilPath


On PupilPath, you can:

  • monitor your student's individual and overall grades;

  • receive important messages and announcements from the school;

  • view your student's schedule;

  • learn the names of your student's teachers;

  • view your student's assignments (homework, classwork);

  • be informed when a student is late to or absent from class


By registering for PupilPath and following your student's progress, there are no surprises at the end of the Marking Period.


Many parents/guardians download the PupilPath app on their phones so they can check their child's grades when it is convenient!


You can go to the PupilPath website by clicking here. If you need help with registering for PupilPath, contact our school at (718) 658-4016.

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